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EDI and other ordering methods

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Ordering systems

To fulfil the requirements of our customers' different structures and organisations, Parker Legris provides a wide range of ordering facilities. Customers can decide on the best solution for their context in terms of costs, efficiency and rapidity: EDI ordering via parkerlegris.com (simple data input or copy/paste from Excel), by e-mail, or using more traditional methods (post, fax, and telephone).




The most sophisticated ordering process is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This secure data exchange method uses international standards (EDIFACT and ANSI X12) and allows data transmission of forecasts, orders, receipts, deliveries and invoices.


EDI offers a number of advantages for Parker Legris customers:

  • Fewer non-quality costs relating to input errors
  • Fewer administrative costs
  • Shorter commercial turnaround times (order/delivery and invoicing/payment turnaround)

Following examination of feasibility, cost and lead time, Parker Legris will assist customers in the implementation of an EDI data exchange system based on the EDIFACT or ANSI X12 standards.


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